Tomatoes are such a staple in the modern diet that it is hard to believe there was a time when this versatile fruit was once thought to be poisonous. Thankfully this member of the nightshade family has been known for centuries now to be a delicious and healthful addition to our diet and is now […]


Sowing edible greens and sprouts indoors, reading seed and plant catalogs, and growing peace lilies, are some of the gardening activities for this month. If you have a set of grow lights or bright windowsill, you can grow mesclun or other quick-growing greens to add to early spring salads.  Fill a tray with moistened seed-starting […]

Native Plants for the Home, Garden and Landscape

Native plants are among the best new plants for American gardens, yet they have been growing in North American prairies, woods, and deserts for hundreds of years. However, the term native is often misunderstood and misused because all plants are native to some region of the world. The term is used here to identify a […]

Lawn and Garden

Diseases Sooner or later, plant disease will enter your garden. However, there are ways to reduce disease in your garden and in some cases, even prevent plant disease. Knowing how to tell if a plant is healthy, picking disease resistant plant varieties and being able to identify the primary types of plant disease are all […]

Planning Your Garden

Key Planning Tips Start Small. If you decide to plant up some new areas this year, start small so that you can test for success and appearance. You can always make it bigger next year. Consider water access. If you are planting an area far from a water source, figure out how you are going […]

Gardening in an Unpredictable Climate

Climate change is putting more and more stress on world ecosystems. As gardeners, we face these challenges daily as we struggle to adapt to unpredictable weather patterns and changing seasons. Climate change is affecting every region of the world a little differently. Some areas are getting hotter and drier, others warmer and wetter. Changing rainfall […]

Control of Grass Weeds

Witchgrass, quackgrass, goosegrass, dallisgrass, and true crabgrass–it doesn’t matter what you call them, these grass weeds are tenacious invaders of our lawns and flower beds. For control in turf-grass, the best method is maintaining a healthy, vigorous lawn that crowds out these unwanted relatives. In a lawn that is sparse and poorly, the only method […]

What Does A Seed Need

Seed is the least expensive component of gardening, so it makes good sense to buy the best quality seed you can obtain. Start With The Seed Packet The packet usually gives you a great deal of information about how to grow the seed successfully. Whether you purchase the seed packet from a retail store or […]

You Can Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too

Somewhere, sometime, someone started a pesky rumor that growing vegetables is more work and trouble than growing flowers. Let us now lay that rumor to rest – it isn’t so. Keeping a vegetable garden is no more trouble than a flower garden and, for many gardeners; the rewards are even greater because (in one sense) […]

Tropical Visions

The words tropical vines conjure up many image s–Tarzan swinging though the jungle, warm islands with lush vegetation, brilliant flowers attracting butterflies and birds–but always plants that are exotic, colorful, and king-size. However, if you don’t live in Hawaii, parts of coastal California, or southern Florida (humid parts of USDA Climate Hardiness Zones 10 and […]